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1. Expertise in Floor Display Solutions
2. High-Quality Visuals
3. Customization and Versatility
4. Customized Interactive and Engaging Content
5. Reliable and Durable
6. Extra large load capacity
7. Waterproof and Anti-static
8. Easy Installation and Maintenance



Choosing and Setting LED Screen Solutions for High-end & Creative Retails

Selecting the right LED floor display solution for shopping malls and exhibitions is crucial in creating impactful indoor experiences. Here are essential points to consider:

1. Size and Placement: Determine the appropriate size and strategic placement of LED floor displays to maximize visibility and audience interaction.

2. Pixel Pitch and Image/Video Quality: Choose the ideal pixel pitch based on the viewing distance from visitors to ensure crisp and clear visuals.

3. Motion Sensing and Interaction: Consider incorporating motion-sensing technology into LED floor displays to trigger interactive content, creating a memorable and interactive experience for users.

4. Safety and Durability: Opt for LED floor displays with anti-slip and durable materials to ensure the safety of visitors while withstanding the rigors of high foot traffic.

5. Content Management Solutions: Invest in user-friendly content management systems to facilitate easy updates and scheduling of dynamic content.

6. Lighting and Ambiance: Integrate LED floor displays with overall lighting and ambiance to enhance the immersive experience and complement the indoor environment.

7. Aesthetics and Design: Work with our expert team to design LED floor displays that seamlessly blend with the indoor aesthetics and elevate the overall ambiance.

8. Remote Monitoring and Support: Choose LED floor display solutions with remote monitoring and support capabilities to address any technical issues promptly.

We believe in the power of creative visual experiences to transform floor spaces. Our LED floor display solutions for shopping malls and exhibitions redefine how audiences interact with the environment, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Contact us to explore how our LED displays can elevate the shopping mall and exhibition spaces into unforgettable showcases of creativity and innovation.

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