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MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, the largest LED screen in the world

Blindspot, the innovative platform connecting over 500,000 digital screens worldwide, announces the listing of MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, the world’s largest LED screen, on its platform.
MSG Sphere, a monumental structure 112 meters high and 160 meters wide, is equipped with the most advanced technology in the field of LED technology, displaying images in exceptional resolution.

Built with an investment of 2.3 billion dollars, the MSG Sphere is today the largest, most visible and innovative digital screen in the world. With a privileged position on the Las Vegas Strip, a place visited by over 42 million tourists annually, MSG Sphere offers brands a unique promotional opportunity that they can now access through Blindspot, the Romanian start-up that just a few years after its launch as a start-up today connects more than 500,000 digital screens in 48 countries.
“The MSG Sphere is a unique structure and is the largest and most spectacular LED screen in the world at the moment, offering a unique opportunity for brands to position themselves in the center of attention. Our ambition and joy will be to have the first Romanian brand present on the biggest advertising stage in the world,” said Matei Psatta, co-founder of Blindspot.

Renting the MSG Sphere screen can reach an investment of several hundred thousand dollars per day, an amount that covers not only the advertising space, but also the production and visual design. Thus, through the new acquisition in the Blindspot portfolio, companies have direct access to an unprecedented level of exposure, right in the heart of Las Vegas.

Blindspot not only transforms the Romanian market, but also defines standards in the global industry, carrying out its activity with undeniable energy at the international level. With a successful career serving over 10,000 clients including big names like Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Airbnb, Universal Music, TikTok, Duolingo, P&G and American Airlines, Blindspot demonstrates its remarkable ability to innovate and create, radically impacting the way brands interact with their audiences.

Blindspot is a revolutionary platform that connects over 500,000 digital billboards worldwide, giving companies the ability to run more effective and flexible campaigns on digital screens. Over 10,000 clients including Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Airbnb, Adore Me, Universal Music, TikTok, Duolingo, P&G, American Airlines, Morning Brew use the platform for their DOOH advertising needs. Through cutting-edge technology and creativity, Blindspot is transforming the way brands interact and connect with their audiences.

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