TG Series

Short Description:

Application: Outdoor Grille LED Display
Technology: SMD
Brightness: 4500-11000nits
Grey Scale: 16bits
Refresh Rate: >1920HZ
Transparency: > 60%
Ingress Protection: IP65 
Life Span: 100,000hours
Cabinet Size: 500*1000mm, 1000*1000mm
Screen shape: Flat, Curved, Unusual Shaped
Warranty Period: 1 years



Unlock Boundless Visibility, Elevate Advertising Impact

Embrace our TG series for Outdoor Excellence

The first choice for large outdoor screens with great business value

Ultra-light       Ultra-thin       Ultra-transparent

High brightness  Easy to maintain  Strong wind resistance


① Transparency Redefined:

The distinctive feature of our Grille LED Displays is their transparency. With a unique design that allows light and air to pass through, these displays become an integral part of the environment, harmonizing seamlessly with surroundings.

② Unobstructed Views:

Experience the best of both worlds – a dynamic LED display that doesn't compromise on the view. Grille LED Displays offer unparalleled visibility, allowing viewers to engage with content without obstructing the scenic backdrop.

③ Engaging Experiences:

These displays bring content to life in ways you've never seen before. From interactive promotions to captivating animations, the possibilities for engaging experiences are limitless.


Our commitment to sustainability extends to our Grille LED Displays. These displays are designed to be energy-efficient, ensuring impactful visuals with minimal power consumption.

Weather-Resistant Construction:

Outdoor environments can be demanding, but our Grille LED Displays are built to withstand the elements. With robust construction and weather-resistant design, these displays are engineered for durability.

 Seamless Integration:

Integrating seamlessly with architectural designs, Grille LED Displays add a touch of modernity to urban landscapes, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and more.

Day and Night Brilliance:

Experience stunning visuals day and night. Our Grille LED Displays deliver high brightness and vibrant colors, ensuring your content shines even in broad daylight.

 Enhanced Branding Impact:

Elevate brand awareness with a display solution that's as innovative as it is impactful. Grille LED Displays turn heads, enhance engagement, and leave a lasting impression.


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